Your Recovery Ally

I value honesty, love, spirituality, creativity, and the love of learning. I believe in presenting myself genuinely and value close connections with others. My beliefs about the meaning of life shape my conduct and provide comfort, and my experiences allow me to relate to all trauma survivors.

I am an INFJ / ENFJ / INFP mix.

Faith and Healing

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My faith has shaped my understanding of healing, emphasizing the role of a higher divine power in removing the shame, anger, contempt, and lack of forgiveness one might feel inside.

What is Trauma-informed support?

Think of trauma-informed support as a kind-hearted way of helping people who’ve been through tough times. It’s all about understanding the deep effects of trauma and finding ways to heal. The main idea is to create a space where people feel safe, valued, and hopeful about getting better. Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Safety: It’s about making sure everyone feels safe, both inside and out. This means creating a welcoming space and ensuring all interactions are kind and understanding.
  • Being Open and Honest: We believe in clear communication. This means being upfront about what’s happening and why, so everyone feels in the loop and trusts the process.
  • Friendship and Support: Having friends who’ve been there and get it is super important. That’s why peer support is at the heart of what we do. It’s about building trust and feeling empowered together.
  • Working Together: Everyone’s on the same team here. Whether you’re getting help or giving it, everyone’s voice matters. It’s all about working together and sharing the load.
  • Finding Your Strength: We see the awesome in everyone. We’ll help you recognize your strengths, build on them, and even discover some new ones. Remember, everyone’s journey is unique, and we’re here to support yours.
  • Respecting All Backgrounds: We value and respect where everyone comes from. This includes understanding and cherishing the rich traditions and histories of the Latter-day Saint community.

While trauma-informed support isn’t a type of therapy, it shapes how we offer help. We know that some things might bring back painful memories, so we’re always careful to be supportive and avoid causing any more hurt.

In short, trauma-informed support is like giving a comforting hug to the soul. It’s about understanding the whole person, their past struggles, and helping them move forward with love and care. That is post-trauma thriving.

licensed EMDR professional
Short video explaining EMDR bilateral stimulation process for treating PTSD. 3:33 minutes

What is Post-trauma Thriving?

Imagine going through a super tough time and coming out the other side not just okay, but even stronger and more vibrant than before. That’s what we call post-trauma thriving.

It’s like when a storm hits a tree, and instead of breaking, the tree grows new branches, reaching even higher towards the sun. Here’s what it can look like:

  • Growing from the Experience: It’s like discovering new paths you never knew existed, realizing you’re stronger than you thought, and getting to know yourself better.
  • Making Stronger Bonds: After going through a rough patch, you might find yourself connecting more deeply with friends, family, or even folks who’ve been through similar stuff.
  • Seeing Life in HD: It’s like suddenly seeing the world in brighter colors, cherishing the little moments, and feeling more alive and purposeful.
  • Bouncing Back Better: Think of it as leveling up in a video game. You’ve faced the challenges, learned some new moves, and now you’re ready for whatever comes next.
  • Feeling More Connected: Some folks find they’re more in tune with the world around them, whether it’s nature, people, or even a higher power.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique. Not everyone will feel this way after a tough time, and that’s totally okay. But for some, these challenges can lead to some pretty amazing growth. It’s all about finding the silver linings and using them to shine even brighter.