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The Nature of Repressed Childhood Trauma

The Nature of Repressed Childhood Trauma: An introductory video that explains the concept of repression, how traumatic memories can be buried, and the potential triggers for their resurfacing.

Signs and Symptoms
  1. Signs and Symptoms: A video detailing the various manifestations of repressed childhood trauma in adults, from emotional and psychological symptoms to physical ones.
  2. Trauma-Informed Active Listening: Demonstrations on how to listen empathetically to someone who is recalling or confronting repressed traumatic memories.
  3. Safety and Grounding Techniques: Demonstrative videos on techniques that can help individuals who might be overwhelmed by resurfacing memories.
  4. Role-Playing Scenarios: Videos that role-play different situations related to repressed childhood trauma, offering guidance on how to navigate these conversations.
  5. The Role of Body Memory: Exploring how the body can hold onto traumatic memories and how somatic symptoms can be a sign of repressed trauma.
  6. Self-Care for Specialists: Emphasizing the importance of self-care when dealing with such heavy topics, with tips to prevent vicarious traumatization.


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  1. Understanding Repressed Childhood Trauma: A guide that delves into the science, psychology, and manifestations of repressed trauma from childhood.
  2. Techniques for Supporting Repressed Trauma Survivors: Offering strategies, conversation guidelines, and therapeutic techniques tailored for those confronting repressed memories.
  3. The Role of Dreams and Flashbacks: An exploration of how repressed memories might surface in dreams or flashbacks and how to support someone experiencing them.
  4. Boundaries and Ethical Considerations: A guide on the importance of boundaries, informed consent, and ethical considerations when working with individuals uncovering repressed trauma.
  5. Integrative Healing Techniques for Repressed Trauma: Introducing holistic approaches that can complement traditional therapy, such as art therapy, movement therapy, and guided meditation.
  6. Resource Directory for Repressed Childhood Trauma Support: A compilation of additional resources, tools, and organizations specializing in childhood trauma.
  7. The Interplay of Memory and Trauma: An exploration of how memory works, the nature of traumatic memory, and the debate around repressed and recovered memories.